Hiking Staunton State Park With Tommy

A couple of weeks ago, my wife, Tommy, and I went for a hike at Staunton State Park in Pine, Colorado.  This was the second time this winter that Tommy has gone for a stroller hike.  You can check out our last trip to Roxborough here.

It was a warm 65 degree day in January so we decided to go out for a family hike.  Staunton State park is only a short drive from home and it’s a place we rarely go outside of fall.  On this hike, we took the Staunton Ranch Trail which is one of the main trails accessible from the parking lot.  Here is a live webcam view, courtesy of Friends of Staunton State Park, from the trail we took.

Live view of Staunton State Park (15 min refresh)


The trail is wide enough, and mostly smooth enough to pass with the stroller without too much trouble.  There are some rough rocky spots along the way, but our BOB stroller didn’t have too much difficulty navigating through these areas.  This stroller is definitely one of the essential items for anyone with small children.

As we started to gain some elevation, the temperature started to drop.  We made it roughly halfway up the main trail.  It started to get a little too cold, so we decided it was probably best to head back down.

Tommy on the Staunton Ranch Trail

Overall this is a pretty accessible hike for people with a stroller.  Tommy seemed to enjoy himself and took in a lot of great scenery.  We’ll have to try it again in a couple of months when the weather gets warmer.

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