Our New White House Press Secretary

Is it just me or does the new White House Press Secretary look just like the actor John Heard?  He’s known by me mostly as the character Vin Makazian from The Sopranos.  He’s also pretty well known for playing the father, Peter McCallister, in Home Alone.  This is coincidently the same movie that has a cameo from Donald Trump.  For the next four to eight years, I will be making this association in my head.


Sean Spicer — White House Press Secretary  (Image credit: GrahamHughey)

This blog will not add much to political discussion, but this needs to be pointed out.  I’m wondering if I’m the only person that sees it?

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6 thoughts on “Our New White House Press Secretary

  1. What would be more interesting is if Trump based his hiring of Spicer on the same association, living under the delusion that he’s hired John Heard!

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