Fitbit Inc stock rose by 13.079%!

FIT is currently priced at 4.15. The stock is finally rising. I still need to get to $12.09 to break even. I’ll update on the next rising price.

Application Minimalism

I have been interested in, and practicing minimalism for the last five or so years.  One area I haven’t fully implemented this is with phone applications. Over the years, I have downloaded and kept around too many Android applications.  As you can tell by the lack of focus or theme to this blog, I’m interested inContinue reading “Application Minimalism”

What I’ve learned after one year of trading on Robinhood

About one year ago, I decided to sign up for Robinhood.  It’s basically a service backed by Google which is used to buy and sell stocks with $0 in commissions/fees.  Robinhood also offers a premium paid service for some folks that buy/sell a lot more often than I do. Buying individual stocks is generally considered aContinue reading “What I’ve learned after one year of trading on Robinhood”