Week 3 -Order

Order: Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.

As part of the Plan for Attaining Moral Perfection series,  I will be living one of the 13 virtues described by Benjamin Franklin in the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  You can read how all this got started here.  This week I’ll be focused on living the virtue of Order.

Last weeks virtue of Silence was actually incredibly difficult to maintain.  I thought it would be easy, but there were a lot of things that went on last week.  In today’s age of social media there are a lot of things to have opinions on, and some could be expressed negatively.  In the past week, there have been a lot of these things concerning a family acquaintance.  It has been almost impossible to not speak poorly about an individual and their extremely poor life decisions.  I guess the lesson is that it does not really help the situation, and it might be best for everyone to just let it go.

If you’re interested in the book that inspired this, it is available for less than $4 including shipping on Amazon.  If you buy it through my link, by clicking on the image, I get 14 cents for the referral.

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