Our Sonne cover

Some back story on the Sonne video that has been all over the internet lately.


Our First Album is OUT!
Treasure Underground – Song by SongAll Our Videos and Art Fischmann…

Filmed 4 years ago (2012), this Rammstein cover is obviously the most popular video we’ve made so far. There is a story behind the whole atmosphere of this play, but the details will be outlined sometimes in the future, when we’ll have more time to write about it.

Now it’s back, all of a sudden it exploded on facebook. In two days there were more than 7 million viewers. It’s a mistery how this viral thing works.

Unfortunately the person who posted a copy of our video, didn’t mention the name of our band or any info about us. So most of visitors wrote comments and went away. This is like straw fire, nothing will remain. But a few thousand viewers did their own research and found us, glory to God! We even…

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